Papa Bear is an initiative that exists to encourage Exceptional Fatherhood. Since its inception in January 2019, we have engaged with thousands of men around the world, encouraging and equipping them in their parenting journey.

We are creating a movement of men committed to raising ourselves up so as to impact the next generation by raising our children to be responsible, well-adjusted and successful adults.

Fatherhood, defined as the state or performance of the duties of a male parent, is in crisis globally. Millions of children are growing up without the presence and influence of a strong, grounded, present, and engaged father. Statistics on Fatherless homes show that as many as 36% of families have no male adult present. The effects of this situation on the development of children and society at large are disastrous; sexual deviance, substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and obesity have been shown to be linked directly to fatherlessness in various communities around the world.

In the same vein, the presence and positive engagement of a father in the growth of a child has been shown to lead to higher levels of confidence, stronger self-image, independent thinking, social acceptance and overall success in adults. Differences in how mothers and fathers approach parenting mean that the fathers input is critical to provide the right balance and ensure children receive proper instruction and upbringing. The need for the father cannot be gain said.

At our core, we believe in:

Looking up – Fatherhood is a divine assignment, a spiritual endeavor that requires balance and guidance.

Looking in – To be good fathers, we must engage in consistent personal growth, progressively moving in the right direction.

Looking around – No Father is an island, we must take a collaborative, future-focused approach – We are working together to raise the next generation.

Our Approach;

Educational – We will take from the experiences of other men, as well as share our own stories.

Collaborative – We will take from the experiences of other men, as well as share our own stories.

Inspirational – We will encourage, enlighten and inspire fathers to work toward a future state. Come as you are, don’t stay as you are.

Stay in touch to learn more about Fatherhood.

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